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Phone: (586) 786-7600
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We provide all of the following:
  • Determination of site location
  • Rezoning (if necessary)
  • Site Plan Approval
  • We will purchase the land
  • Construction financing
  • Pull building permits
  • Labor, materials, & supervision
    to build the car wash
  • Furnish & install complete
    car wash equipment
  • Assistance in obtaining a source
    of end mortgage financing

Car Wash Rendering
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Car Wash Builders, Inc. builds “turn-key” operation car wash facilities, (attended exterior & full service tunnel washes), or (self-serve coin operated), or (convenience store with gas). You leave a deposit, and the next time you pay us is upon completion at the closing.

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If you are interested in building a car wash, and would like to talk to us, please either email us at, call us at (586) 786-7600, fill out the form below, or print this page and fax it to us at
586-786-3900. You are under no obligation and the information is confidential.

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Semi-trailer/R.V. camper
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Attended Exterior Tunnel
Attended Full Service Tunnel
Convenience Store With Gas
Oil Change
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